WordPress Theme: Unnamed

unnamed_screenshot_l.jpg Unnamed is a two/three column, widget-ready wordpress theme with some AJAX functions. The theme is easy to use and highly customizable, free and open source.




  • XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 valid.
  • CSS Drop Down Menu.
  • Custom Image Header (For WordPress 2.1+).
  • Custom Theme Colors (Unnamed uses transparent PNGs as background images, so you can change the backgrounds, text colors or link colors easily with a color picker).
  • AJAX Shelf.
  • Live Commenting (Originally based on the code of K2 by Michael Heilemann, Chris J Davis, Zeo, Steve Lam and Ben Sherratt. Thanks for their GREAT work.).
  • Live Search (Originally based on Steve Lam's K2 Live Search Mod).
  • Live Comment Preview.
  • Options page.
  • Widgets ready.
  • Tagging support for WordPress 2.3+.
  • Avatar support for WordPress 2.5+.


Follow these instructions to get theme up and running on your WordPress site:
  • Uninstall the previous version of Unnamed first.
  • Upload the theme folder to wp-content/themes/ on your server.
  • In your WordPress administration, go to Presentation and activate the theme.
  • Remember to click the "Uninstall Theme" button to clean the options when you want to change the theme.


The unnamed theme is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


I spent hundreds of hours working on these themes and if you enjoy the themes, consider making a donation with Paypal. Funds will go to hosting and future updates. Thanks for your support.

Historical Versions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to setup an Extended Live Archives page? Download the live-archives.txt and save it as a php file. Then upload it to the theme folder, write a new page with that template.
  • Why there is no style applied to the site while using the pretty permalink structure? This is a server-specific problem. On some severs, the styles stored in the php file just can’t applied to the site.
  • My home page link is called BLOG, can I change this to HOME as my site is mostly static pages? You can change it in header.php, replace <?php _e(’Blog’); ?> with <?php _e(’Home’); ?>.
  • How to add the shelf to all pages? Find the code below in header.php: <?php if(get_option(’unnamed_slidingmenu’) == 1 && is_home()){ ?> <?php include(”shelf.php”); ?> <?php } ?> <?php if(get_option(’unnamed_slidingmenu’) != 1 || !is_home()){ ?> <div class=”content-top”></div> <?php } ?> Just remove “&& is_home()” and “|| !is_home()”.

Noteworthy changes:

1.2.3: April 7th, 2008
  • Avatar support for WordPress 2.5.
1.2.2: October 27th, 2007
  • Better tagging support for WordPress 2.3.
  • Other minor changes. August 4th, 2007
  • Fix XSS vulnerabilities in Unnamed 1.217 and Special Edition.
1.2.17: June 29th, 2007
  • Just some bug fixes.
1.2.0: May 17th, 2007
  • Improve the strucure of the stylesheet, hope to solve the stylesheet loading problem (there is sometimes no style applied to the site in some speicific conditons).
  • Remove custom skins. Add two/three-column mode switch.
  • Presentation improved:
    • Use the wonderful Sweetie v3 to replace the original icons.
    • Redesign the two column skin.
    • IE 6 now uses the same background images as the other browsers.
  • You can now completely change the colors of Unnamed.
  • Add a function to customize the background images.
  • Add a function to exclude certain pages from navigation bar.
  • Add support for WordPress 2.3 tagging system.
  • Some code cleaning.
1.1.4: April 5th, 2007
  • add gzip mode to the stylesheet.
  • add compatible css mode. when the default stylesheet can not work properly on your site, please enable it. When the compatible mode is activated, the changes of custom style and custom header will no longer take effect.
  • some code cleaning.
1.1.3: March 20th, 2007
  • Update with WP 2.1's template tags and no longer support wordpress 2.0.x.
  • Remove the option of sidebar position.
  • Redesign the appearance. February 28th, 2007
  • Better localization support.
  • Add Gravatar plugin support.
1.1.2: February 21th, 2007
  • Use color picker to change text color, link color and background color.
  • CSS tweaks and bug fixes.
1.1.1: February 8th, 2007
  • Fastinit 1.3.
  • CSS drop down menu.
  • Images tweaks.
  • Remove the image border in the posts. February 2nd, 2007 and January 29th, 2007
  • Fixed some compatibility problems in IE 5.5.
1.1: January 21st, 2007 December 4th, 2006
  • I fixed some bad tags in header.php and unnamed-css.php. If there is no style applied to your site, please download the theme and try again.
1.0: October 8th, 2006
  • Some beautification.
  • A new skin: Blue Memories.
  • Optimize javascript.
  • Live Search, AJAX shelf and AJAX Commenting now work more smoothly.
0.5.2: September 25th, 2006
  • Store css settings into the file unnamed-css.php to optimize the CSS.
  • Add the live comment preview function.
  • Add UTW support.
  • Live Search tweaks.
0.5.1: September 11th, 2006
  • Add Prototype Class: fastinit().
  • Optimize the CSS.
  • New Live Commenting based on the code of K2.
  • Add a function to replace the default RSS link in the header/footer section with your own feed link.
0.5: September 1st, 2006
  • Redesign the appearance and the admin page of the theme.
  • No longer use Theme Toolkit.
  • Add options to control the sidebar items to show up/hide on single pages or archive pages.
0.4.3: August 19th, 2006
  • Add two column/three column mode switch.
  • Remove Asides and flexible mode.
0.4.2: August 8th, 2006
  • Add widget support to AJAX shelf (sidebar 3).
0.4.1: July 31th, 2006
  • Reduce the size of the javascript files.
0.4: July 29th, 2006
  • Add the options to control the AJAX functions.
  • Add two optional header pictures.
  • Redesign the navigation bar.
0.3.2: July 24th, 2006
  • Add the options to control the font size and text color.
0.3.1: July 24th, 2006
  • Improve the sliding menu's compatibility with Opera 9.
  • Add a sliding effect to the comment section.
0.3: July 22th, 2006
  • Fix the broken sliding effects under Opera 9 and IE 6.0.
  • Use wordpress theme toolkit to make the option menus.
0.2.1: July 16th, 2006
  • Some Internet Exploder 6.0 tweaks.
0.2: July 15th, 2006
  • Unnamed now supports sidebar widgets.
0.1.1: July 7th, 2006
  • Make the look of the theme more pretty under IE 6.0.
0.1: July 6th, 2006
  • First Release.

381 Responses to “WordPress Theme: Unnamed”

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    请教,有没有中文版本呢? :)

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    to Leo:


    select,img {
    fieldset {


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    有些中文输入法(比如微软拼音),需要以回车结束一次输入,此时Live Search很可能就无效了,因为回车会导致执行默认搜索。

    但是用复制 粘贴中文关键字的方法就可以。

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    我換了這theme, 不過那滑動的menu沒辦法作用…..


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    To Ken:



  14. Gravatar Icon

    我換了1.0, 滑動選單還是一樣沒動作… 很可惜.



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    To zx:

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    Hi there,

    Love the theme, thanks for the work and effort you’ve put in. I’ve got a problem though, with your template under IE7. It seems the css doesn’t get loaded and I just end up with a flat page. Have you experienced this problem yourself and do you have any suggestions for a fix?

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    To Michael:

    I’ve visited your site with IE 7 and the css works fine. Just try to refresh the page when you meet that problem again.

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    Very good looking theme. I will try this one the next time when I start another site.

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    I’m trying to change the permalink structure from the default to the date and post type of permalink structure.

    When I change the permalink structure, however, the CSS does not load and I’m left with just the text and a white background..

  22. Gravatar Icon

    Just to clarify.. CSS only displays with default permalink, nothing else..

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    wow. never saw such a great theme. Thank you for that!!!

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    by the way. I am going to translate it into german. I hope its ok… :)

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    Please help… The theme is having problems when the permalink structure is not in default mode…

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    I use 1and1.com hosting:

    Apache 1.3.29
    PHP 4.4.4
    PHP5 5.2.0
    MySQL 4.0.27

    Wordpress 2.0.5

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    Also, I use no style, no header image.. just default settings..

  28. Gravatar Icon

    To Nick:
    It’s strange…Everything was ok when I used Opera, but when I turned to use IE and Firefox, the page became naked.

    Please download the theme again and reinstall it, I’ve fixed some bad php tags that might incur some problem of the css.

    Tell me if the new one works.

  29. Gravatar Icon

    I downloaded the new one and reinstalled the theme, but it still doesn’t work..

    I know what you mean, i just tried my site in Opera and it works great..

    Firefox and Internet Explorer still doesn’t show it though.

  30. Gravatar Icon

    @wolf: what fixes did you make?

    i made some changes at your theme.
    I edited the css (( i added the arrow for child-sites) i hope you like that! ;D ), the comment and sidbar.
    What do you think about that?


    ah, by the way, the shelf – page is a little (how to say that)… strange… the headlines do not stand above the lists… how can i fix this?

  31. Gravatar Icon

    Saw your site Lex, it looks great! I couldn’t understand any of it.. but I liked it nonetheless…

    Also, I just wanted to ask you what are shelf pages?

  32. Gravatar Icon

    hihi… sorry. I am german. :)

    I am talking of the navigation at the top of the page.
    When you are at the top you can choose or close the “navigation”. It slides into. Do you understand me? ^^ :D
    But the headlines like “meta” and “lins” or “catagories” are not directly above the list-elements (sorry i can not explain) :/

    hmm your page dosent seam to work with firefox… really strange… never saw something like that… :(

  33. Gravatar Icon

    @nick: why dont you switch the permanent structure to the standart settings?

  34. Gravatar Icon

    Lex: I think i understand your predicament…

    Also, I don’t wish to change to the standard settings, because in the long run, your url will weigh in on your page rank.. although, google has made announcements that it will not penalize you if your url is not static (has a ? in its url)

    But i just wish to make the permalink structure to the one with the dates on it.. or maybe just category and post name as a url..

    I’m still waiting for xuyiyang’s reply though, im sure he’s working on it..

  35. Gravatar Icon

    Maybe you can use style.css instead of unnamed-css.php:
    1. Open a singe post page of your site
    2. View the source of
    3. Copy the css code in unnamed-css.php to style.css
    4. Edit header.php, replace “<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/unnamed-css.php” with “<?php bloginfo(’stylesheet_url’); ?>”

    When you use style.css, custom style and custom header may not work.

    PS: I’m busy with my study and my notebook is down so I do not have time to work out a better solution right now :-(

  36. Gravatar Icon

    To Lex:
    The change u’ve made looks fine :-)

    The headlines(h2) are above the list elements in Firefox and IE…Or maybe I didn’t catch your meaning?

  37. Gravatar Icon

    @nick: i’ve the same problems when i change the permalink to the static urls… realy strange…

    I am using 1&1 interhosting too.

    i mean the headlines (h2) in the navigation bar which can be opened at the mainpage of the blog at the top….
    hmm. I can’t describe it otherwise… sorry

  38. Gravatar Icon

    I’ll try this in the weekend..

    that’s ok xuyiyang.. I’ll just wait until the next release..

    Please work on your studies first..

    God Bless

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    hi guys,
    listen, i’m not a great computer user like you all.. i do not even know what ccs stands for. But i liked so much this unnamed 1.0 theme. And I want it!
    The point is: can i use it even if i have just a blog on wordpress? Or do I need a website? I saw something about unnamed in blogs upper in this page by some zx.asd.. but it’s written in Chinese(can’t spell it!).
    Can someone help me please!!
    from italy

  40. Gravatar Icon

    Jackie… Wordpress.com has an assortment of themes that you can use freely at their website, but I last I checked unnamed is not one of the themes available.

    You must have a stand alone version of wordpress with a domain on your own website. Just do a search on google for free web space or free website so that you can install wordpress there..

  41. Gravatar Icon

    what do you think is the right price for a tiny website.. just a blog and a little bit more.. I saw from 6 to 10 dollars monthly.. anything else cheaper? What is the right choice: linux, windows?
    Is it possible to have free host space and than by just a domain and move the free site on the new domain?? :-)
    thanks guys…
    sorry about my incompetence..
    jack, italy

  42. Gravatar Icon

    if you’re using wordpress, just stick with linux shared hosting plans.. it’s cheaper..

    You may want to stick with bluehost.com, it’s 6.95 a month, wordpress is integrated, so you can set it up just by a few clicks of the mouse..

    Or another choice (the one I use) is 1and1.com, their plans start from 2.99, 4.99, 9.99… I think the 4.99 plan is best for you.. Or you may even want to start at 2.99 (you can always upgrade to 4.99 anytime)

    Hope this helps jack

    God Bless

  43. Gravatar Icon

    Hey Nick,

    I saw that your hp is working correctly with firefox!! Well done!! Looks great!

    What changes did you made?


  44. Gravatar Icon

    I see. you changed the permalink – structure! ;]
    sry about the “spam” :)

  45. Gravatar Icon


    Actually, I reverted back to the default permalink structure… I’ll be waiting for the next release, until I start to make personal changes to the style..

  46. Gravatar Icon

    well.. thanks nick, you’re really nice!
    1&1 seems fine.. but can you guys explain me the difference between a linux hosting and a windows one? I use mostly mac osx, but also win..
    I saw your web site, and I thought mine it will be something like that.. so, how many disk space are you using. Cause the 1&1’s host swicht from 5Gb to 100Gb.. I fear 100Gb is to much for just a blog..!
    And what about the subdomains? how many of them are you using?
    Thanks sooo much!
    jackie, italy

  47. Gravatar Icon

    To Nick:
    Thanks for your patience.

    You know I stored the css in unnamed-css.php. Maybe the php code makes the theme a little picky in some server environment like 1&1.com…

    I don’t know if I can solve the problem perfectly because I cannot test the theme in all of the server environments.

    Roll back to style.css may be the best way right now, that’s what I’m talking about in the last comment.

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  49. Gravatar Icon

    I’ve tried the replacements that you instructed as before, the stylesheet is still not applied..

    I looked at my source and the href only refers to my blog description, so I tried setting the href manually to the style.css file and that still didn’t work either..

    I gave you the specifications for 1and1.com shared hosting, if you want, I can test out any changes that you wish to make..

    I’m willing to make a donation for your time.. you can email me directly at mytingog [at] yahoo [dot] com

    You’re right, if you can find the lowest possible diskspace at the lowest possible price, then that’s the one to use.. the only reason I use 1and1.com is that I have a few websites in place and I need the space…

  50. Gravatar Icon


    I found the source of my “problem” it was in the “sliding_menu”!
    The headlines did not fit directly above the list-items.
    In the css I addet a line:
    .inner h2 {
    margin:15px 2px 0;
    text-indent: 25px; /images/arrow.png) left center no-repeat;

  51. Gravatar Icon

    Oh sorry. I made a mistake.

    For solving th sliding_menu -problem i added a line:
    .inner h2 {
    margin:15px 2px 0;
    text-indent: 25px;

  52. Gravatar Icon

    To Nick:
    That’s really really strange…Using style.css is supposed to work but it doesn’t :(

    Have you tried the other themes similar, such as K2 and Durable?

  53. Gravatar Icon

    k2 works fine, but the durable theme has the same css problem not showing when permalinks is not set to default…

    So, I’m stumped.. heheh.. =)

    Any suggestions?

  54. Gravatar Icon

    I looked at both the durable theme and yours, and it’s definitely something to do with calling the css in the php file and my server..

    Is there a way you can modify this theme so as not to call the css in the php file, and have it available as an alternate download?

  55. Gravatar Icon


    Try this one, a previous version of unnamed one:

    It uses normal style.css as stylesheet. Hope it works this time.

  56. Gravatar Icon

    Hi Wolf.

    for me it works! thx for your work!!
    Can you tell me which files you eddited?


  57. Gravatar Icon

    hmm. javascript does not seem to work.

  58. Gravatar Icon

    It works! Thank you very much..

    I noticed that it’s the beta version? Is it ok for me to use?

    I looked at your change logs from 0.5.1 to 1.0 and it looks pretty minimal that it won’t effect the theme in general..

    Anyways, It works and I have you to thank.. I will be donating in the near future, for your projects..

    God Bless

  59. Gravatar Icon

    To Nick:
    Thank you for your generous support:-)

    The main difference between the two version is the stylesheet and the css of 0.51 seems to work on your site. So I think it’s ok for you to use 0.51.

    I’m going to make a better version based on 0.51 after my examination is finished in late January.

    To Lex:
    v0.51 works fine in most cases, but some javascript function may not go smoothly as v1.0 in some condition.

  60. Gravatar Icon

    This theme shows 3 sidebars when applied to my site. Also, the second sidebar appears below the first so it is not aligning correctly. No idea why. Any help please?

  61. Gravatar Icon

    To Dennis:
    The Sidebar3 is for the AJAX shelf.

    And the position of the sidebar seems all right when I visit your site with IE/Firefox/Opera.

    Can you tell me which browser you’re using please?

  62. Gravatar Icon


  63. Gravatar Icon

    why can’t I edit my sidebar properly? wasn’t I supposed to work with widgets for the sidebar? Why mine is not working? Is maybe the Wordpress version i’m using (2.0.5)?
    I tried to add a poll plugin in my web site editing the sidebar.php file but it is not working… :-(
    thanks for any help

  64. Gravatar Icon

    I really like this design. Great Work!

    I’m new to all this and am not very good with this stuff yet. My question: I wanted a different RSS feed button in the sidebar so I saved the one I wanted in the old one’s place (feed-icon.gif). The new button shows up, but with the same dimensions as the old button and I want it to be larger. Where do I go to adjust the size of this button?

    Anyone that knows the answer to this, jump in.



  65. Gravatar Icon

    Hi guys… I’d like to install wp-postratings plugins on wordpress 2.0.5.
    The howto guide tells me to put somewhere below the line

    in wp-content/themes//index.php this line:
    The point is that in index.pho there is no such a line..!

    This is the index.php:

    What should I do? Thanks in advance….

  66. Gravatar Icon

    sorry guys… probably there was a problem with the lines I was meant to show you. These where the lines I was referring to:

    ?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?

    ?php if(function_exists(‘the_ratings’)) { the_ratings(); } ?
    Same problem with wp-print plugin and useronline plugin.

  67. Gravatar Icon

    Any way you would convert this for use for bbpress? I’m looking to integrate bbpress and wp and really really like this theme.

  68. Gravatar Icon

    To John:
    You can change the height and width of “.feedlink” in unnamed-css.php:

    .feedlink img {
    margin:-19px 0 0;

  69. Gravatar Icon

    To cyberhomie:
    I really don’t have time to do it. I’m too busy and tired for hobbies these days.

  70. Gravatar Icon


  71. Gravatar Icon

    Thanks for your help. One other question, this one regarding the open/close function for the drop-down items. By defualt, this is closed and you have to click the button to open it. Is there a way to have the default be open when the page loads and it closes when you click the button? How would I do something like that?

    Thanks again for your help!


  72. Gravatar Icon


    Please edit shelf.php and remove style=”display:none” in line 2 to keep the shelf open when the page loads.

  73. Gravatar Icon

    Thanks again for your help.


  74. Gravatar Icon

    Great theme, well done xuyiyang.

    I have translated it to danish at http://www.mediekritik.eu, but the alterations I’ve made for the site are included. Anyway if anybody should be interested mail me.

    The alterations include:
    Only tags in ’shelf’ (the slider)
    Latest, Categories, Blogroll, Register/Feeds at double sidebar
    No reprint title at top on pages (make it yourself!)
    Some heavy alterations with colours

    Another thing:
    I’d like the pagelists (the topmenu, #nav) to go below my background image (#header), but haven’t done it, cause im afraid it will mess up the slider-effect.

  75. Gravatar Icon


  76. Gravatar Icon

    To Niels Christian Nielsen:

    Thanks for your work!

    To change the position of the navigation bar, you can edit .nav class in unnamed-css.php like below:

    .nav {
    position: absolute;
    top: XXXpx;


    The pixel depends on the height of the header.
    Or you can find the example in “/blue_memories/blue-memories.css”

  77. Gravatar Icon

    its so cute blog theme! how can we change the blue to another one color!

  78. Gravatar Icon

    I translate unnamed-one theme to Persian.

  79. Gravatar Icon

    Hello, can I please know why I need to upgrade the Unnamed One theme version 1.0 to version 1.1? I just upgraded a blog to WordPress 2.1 and the theme version 1.0 doesn’t seem to have any glitches.

  80. Gravatar Icon

    To ia:

    v1.0 works fine with both wp 2.0 and wp 2.1. But there are some new features only supported by wp 2.1 in unnamed 1.1.

    You can continue to use v1.0 with wp2.1 if you think the new features not necessary :-)

  81. Gravatar Icon

    I love this theme!!!

  82. Gravatar Icon

    Is it possible to get the AJAX shelf to have the Open/Close on all pages. It appears to only load on the home page on both mine and your site. Let me know if it is a code change, or just something that is not doable at this time. Also would like to tell you this is the best theme I have EVER found or used.

  83. Gravatar Icon

    To Nicholas:

    You need to edit header.php, find the code below:

    <?php if(get_option(‘unnamed_slidingmenu’) == 1 && is_home()){ ?>
    <?php include(“shelf.php”); ?>
    <?php } ?>
    <?php if(get_option(‘unnamed_slidingmenu’) != 1 || !is_home()){ ?>
    <div class=”content-top”></div>
    <?php } ?>

    Remove “&& is_home()” and “|| !is_home()” to add the shelf to all pages.

  84. Gravatar Icon

    Works great. Thanks for the help with that.

  85. Gravatar Icon


    Since my upgrade to WP 2.1 the very top menu in unnamed one 1.0 (that shows pages) shows *all* my pages, not just the top level ones. Any ideas why this is happening? I tried unnamed 1.1 but the same problem persists….

  86. Gravatar Icon

    Hello again. Well for some reason wp_list_pages() with a depth of -1 was/is showing my child pages after a WP 2.1 upgrade. I switched the depth to 1 in your theme and now it is properly showing only the top level pages, per the wp_list_pages() documentation. Still, -1 should work. Odd.

  87. Gravatar Icon
    87Mr R

    This is a very nice theme, but I would love to see a sidecolumn-% adjustment. I prefer a wider second side column for my links, and I prefer a lesser space in between the columns. Adjusting the css-php-file is tedious.

  88. Gravatar Icon

    Hello, i cant put the spanish language traduction (i put the .mo file in the theme folder but dont hapen any thing).

    What must i do?


  89. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, I’m using your best template and this is GREAT! But i have a little problem. If I active the wordpress plugin “Lightbox 2.02 Plugin” the ajax search doesn’t work! There is a strange js error; Do you know why?
    Now I’m using the release 1.0 of your template? The rel. 1.1 resolve this bug or not?
    Thank you for your important support!

  90. Gravatar Icon

    The version of prototype.js in Lightbox is 1.4.0, which is not compatible with unnamed theme. Unnamed needs prototype 1.5.0.

    If the plugin is going to support the script loader of wordpress 2.1, the problem can be solved.

  91. Gravatar Icon

    To Carlos:

    You’d better ask the author for help, Javi Vicente.

  92. Gravatar Icon

    Thank you for a great theme. I’m having a problem, though… only three of my categories are showing in the category list. I thought it might be due to my use of brackets [ ] at the beginning of some categories, but I added the same categories without brackets and they don’t show up either. Any clue what’s happening and how I can fix it?

  93. Gravatar Icon

    I’ve been using your theme for 1 month.. it’s gorgeus..!
    I made up a beautiful website (compared with my skills and my html-knowledge)..

  94. Gravatar Icon

    Thank you very much!

  95. Gravatar Icon


    Hey, will “Pretty Permalinks” work with this theme? Is there a recommended way of doing the “Pretty Permalinks”? This will be the first time I have every tried to use them. Any guidance would be helpful. I had read somewhere that some folks blew up their template when using them.

    Great theme!

  96. Gravatar Icon

    You can find some information at Using Permalinks and Introduction to Blogging: Pretty Permalinks.

    Pretty Permalinks depends on your server:

    mod_rewrite permalinks require Apache’s mod_rewrite module, which means that people running other servers cannot use them.

  97. Gravatar Icon

    I ended up using %postname%-%post_id%.htm which seems to work well.

    Another question though. On the menu there was the “ABOUT” menu. I edited my about page and just playing around I changed the “page slug” to “ABOUT FIRSTNAME LASTNAME”. I then saw that the menu changed to match that. So I changed the “page slug” to “ABOUT ME”, but it didn’t change anything. Multiple computers still show it as “ABOUT FIRSTNAME LASTNAME”. How do I get the menu to go back to “ABOUT” or “ABOUT ME”.

    Thank you.

  98. Gravatar Icon

    Do you have some kind of cache plugin installed? Changes may not happen instantly when the files are cached.

    Or You can just delete the original page and create a new one.

  99. Gravatar Icon

    Hi there..LOVE THE THEME!!!

    i was wondering can i get the sidebar 1 and 2 to be showing on all posts/pages.. instead of having just the home page???..

    plllleasssseeeeeee… :)

  100. Gravatar Icon

    xuyiyang… I don’t have any cache plugin, but perhaps 2.1 has some caching of it’s own that I am unaware of. I know it can’t be the browser or the computer, because I have tried loading the page from different computer and different browsers with the same result. I’ll keep looking, but I thought maybe there was a cache setting in wp 2.1. Thanks

  101. Gravatar Icon

    I like that style!!!

  102. Gravatar Icon


    thanx for your work, you’ve made one of the best template for wp.

    I just cannont find where i have to put my favicon and what name it should have.
    thx again

  103. Gravatar Icon

    To Rfly:

    You need to upload the favicon to your server, then open the header.php with the theme editor, insert the code below before </head> tag:

    <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”Your favicon’s link address/your favicon’s name” />

  104. Gravatar Icon


    First, thanks for this nice theme! :-)

    But,.. I have a big (theme) problem in WP 2.1 with your 1.0 version. Unregularly there is sometimes no theme selected on my website and it is blank! But nobody has manually changed the them I must then manually activate it.

    Meantime I have big SPAM-attack from a buggy plugin or from your theme. Don’t know. I’m searching for the bug, now.

    Maybe 1.1 helps?

  105. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, thx for your help but i didn’t do it.

    I’ve put below tue tag /head this :

    My favicon is in www/img/favicon.ico on my server.

    Nothing happened, where am i wrong ?
    thx again


  106. Gravatar Icon

    You should include in you header the whole www path:

  107. Gravatar Icon

    To Marcus:

    It’s strange…No one has reported the same problem before. 1.0 should be fine with wp 2.1 but 1.1 is better. I’m not sure about the problem right now.

    Spam has nothing to do with the theme you’re using. Keep your anti-spam plugin on.

  108. Gravatar Icon

    To Rfly:

    Put the code before </head> tag not below it. Forgive my poor english :)

  109. Gravatar Icon

    No problem xuyiyang i’m french, i found your english very good :-)

    i change it and i come back

  110. Gravatar Icon

    it seems to work on IE but not yet on FF…

    Thks for all


  111. Gravatar Icon

    You’d better remove the code below </head>, which is not necessary.

    And the right code should be:

    <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”http://www.tapahont.info/img/favicon.ico” title=”Tapahont.info”/>


    <link rel=”shortcut icon” a href=”http://www.tapahont.info/img/favicon.ico” title=”Tapahont.info”></a>

  112. Gravatar Icon

    When you say “Build-in Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin support.” What does that mean? Sorry, I am new at WP.

    By the way I now have UTW enabled, but was curious what you meant.


  113. Gravatar Icon

    A little further info using UTW. I think I see what you mean by “Build-In Ultimate Tag Warriar plugin support”. On the main blog page the blog entry shows the tags under the post content even if I have UTW tag displaying turned off.

    Now when I go to the permalink of that post I do NOT see the tag information under the content, but do see some information about the tag to the right of the post.

    Now if I enable tag display via UTW then I now see the tags displayed under the post content on the individual/permalink post, BUT I now see 2 sets of tags under the post content on the main page of the blog.

    What if I want UTW to handle all displaying of tags “under” or “above” the content, what do I need to do? It seems problematic to have the tags shown twice under the content.


  114. Gravatar Icon

    Hi xuyiyang!

    Is there an changelog from 1.0 to 1.1.1?

    The color for .date-header with #ddd is on my notebook too bright to see anything. ;-)


  115. Gravatar Icon

    To myITAnalyst:

    Yes, that could be a problem. If you want to use UTW to control the tags on the front page, you need to remove these lines in theloop.php:

    <?php if(function_exists(UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost)) { ?>
    <?php _e(‘Tags:’,'unnamed’); ?>
    <?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“commalist”) ?>
    <?php } ?>

    To Marcus:

    Change log can be viewed on page 3. The navigation is:

    完整显示 1 2 3

    Maybe I should change it into English :)

  116. Gravatar Icon

    Yes, English would be nicer. I see only crazy symbols with Firefox/Linux and also changed to chinese makes no difference.
    Just for info: Your header, description, comments, titles are unreadable so. ;-)

    But maybe I should make the German translation, because mine is also in German changed from me… :)

    Regards to China,

  117. Gravatar Icon

    Sorry, ha found it in changelog!
    “I fixed some bad tags in header.php and unnamed-css.php. If there is no style applied to your site, please download the theme and try again.”

    That was my problem! :-)

  118. Gravatar Icon

    Thanks xuyiyang!

    I found that and suspected it was what I needed to alter.

    I have been playing around with a lot of themes and so far yours I like as one of the best.

    I did try to look at K2 a bit… seems like an interesting concept. Do you have any thoughts on it?

    Again… great job and thanks for your efforts on Unnamed.

  119. Gravatar Icon

    K2 is great! It is the best theme I’ve ever seen! Try K2 and you may fall in love with it.

  120. Gravatar Icon

    Wow, didn’t expect you to say that. I really like your theme (look and feel). You should make your theme a K2 style so folks from the k2 world can enjoy it. I am still in the learning mode so I’ll be playing around with things a bit. The only thing about k2 is plugin support… it sounds like they have to allow for certain plugins or they may not work. I’ll have to post some on their forums.

    Keep up the good work!

  121. Gravatar Icon

    xuyiyang or anyone:

    Anyone have any idea why all of my categories are not showing up in my category list? Originally posted this question a while ago: http://xuyiyang.org/wordpress-themes/unnamed-one#comment-12071


  122. Gravatar Icon

    To Sara Hurd:

    I’m not sure about the problem. Try to remove these lines from your shelf.php:

    <li class=”tags” >
    <?php _e(‘Tags’,'unnamed’); ?>
    <?php UTW_ShowWeightedTagSet(“sizedtagcloud”); ?>

  123. Gravatar Icon

    Is there any way I can make the Ajax shelf remain open after a user selects an option on the shelf? Right now when you select a page on the shelf, the page opens and the shelf toggles shut. How can I make it so the shelf remains open even when a page is selected? Thanks,


  124. Gravatar Icon

    I have translated Unnamed One 1.1.1 into German/Deutsch.



  125. Gravatar Icon

    To Marcus:
    Thanks very much for your work!

    To Johnson:
    I’m afraid there’s no proper solution available at the moment.

  126. Gravatar Icon

    Thanks. If someone knows of a solution, of if one is created in the future, please let me know. I really like the theme.

  127. Gravatar Icon

    Awesome theme!

    I’ve noticed just one glitch: in the rightmost sidebar a few pixels of text get cut off on the right side. Take a look here: http://budgetmonkeytravel.com/

    The problem occurs in both Firefox2 (not so bad) and IE6 (worse). I’m running unnamed 1.1.1 on Wordpress 2.1

  128. Gravatar Icon


    Thank you for this incredible wordpress theme!
    I love it! But I have to changed it a little.
    If you want to see in action, visit my home page!
    (One column sidebar, double open-close section, shout box, and more script.aculo effect :D)

  129. Gravatar Icon

    hi xuyiyang,i like very much this theme ^__^ and i would upgrade my theme from 1.1 to 1.1.1 in order becouse i like very much the css dropdown menu for pages sections… but i did some change to the theme and i wouldn’t drop it… what can i do?

  130. Gravatar Icon

    The 404.php page of 1.1.1 is not more working. Sidebar and footer is not loaded. Same entries in my 404 like before with 1.0.
    Was there anything changed in the functions?

  131. Gravatar Icon

    this is a great theme!!!

  132. Gravatar Icon

    To Dave:

    To avoid the sidebar going down to the bottom of the page, I use “over-flow:hidden” for the sidebar content, that’s why some content may be cut-off.

    To Marcus:

    I didn’t change 404.php. It depends on your wp’s or server’s settings.

  133. Gravatar Icon

    My sidebar has ’suddenly’ moved to the bottom of the page. I have used this theme for over 6 months now and this has never happened before. Any ideas????

  134. Gravatar Icon

    I was unable to change the color of the blog title in the header by using the Unnamed Options tab under presentations. I could change the header color in the tab, but it wasn’t reflected on the site. Is there any kind of trick there? Is there a specific folder that isn’t writable but needs to be? Thanks,


  135. Gravatar Icon

    To Tom:

    Seems the changes are not saved. Please make sure to click “Save Changes” when the colors are changed in the admin page.

  136. Gravatar Icon

    Great theme. I love the effects and the style is brilliant. It keeps everything nice and clean which helps show off the content.

    Well done.

    I hope you manage to sort out the problem with permalinks (if you use the 0.5SE version the live search dies on anything but default permalinks) as that is the only thing which lets this down.

    Also, do you have any plans to put support for Asides/Sidenotes in any future updates?

    As I said, great theme – really well done!

  137. Gravatar Icon

    To Amon: I like the Breadcrumb. What do I need and what should I do to do the same on http://www.f1racing.dk ?

    You may mail me directly on rrs@reinar.svendsen.dk

    Best regards

  138. Gravatar Icon

    thanks… :S

  139. Gravatar Icon


    主页很好 但是点标题进入post只有一片灰色

  140. Gravatar Icon

    解决了 是WordPress Hashcash的事

  141. Gravatar Icon

    This is a great Theme, many thanks! I was wondering if the permalink problem was solved yet? It’s the only issue I have ran into with this theme and think its great work.

  142. Gravatar Icon

    To kevin:

    Some functions of unnamed are a little picky with permalinks.

    The permalink problem only happens in some specific environment. I’m afraid I don’t have the condition to do test on it :(

  143. Gravatar Icon

    Simple great strict the principal is given to the text and content of the blog, but possible color different. for instance i leave the original color they are good then. Tks

  144. Gravatar Icon

    I just installed Unnamed-one, it’s very beautiful. I used K2 before, I didn’t uninstall before Unnamed-one, will this cause a problem.

    And I fellow the introduction to install an Extended Live Archives page(http://zecharyw.com/archives/), it comes up:
    Live Archives

    This is the frontpage of the Zechary White archives. Currently the archives are spanning posts and comments, contained within the meager confines of categories. Through here, you will be able to move down into the archives by way of time or category. If you are looking for something specific, perhaps you should try the search on the sidebar.

    What should I do?

  145. Gravatar Icon

    I fix it. I am sorry, I didn’t install Extended Live Archives Plugin =.=

  146. Gravatar Icon

    Arggh! Now I see that you have released a newer version. :-)

    Ok, but 1.1.2 is in German available for now.

  147. Gravatar Icon

    I have big problem with comments in this thram. I cant add any one!:( I have WP 2.1.2 and unnamed 1.1.3 Where is a problem? A click submit and waiting waitng.. and nothing. Just stupid animation. Can someone help?

  148. Gravatar Icon

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

  149. Gravatar Icon


  150. Gravatar Icon

    THX 4 the great theme. Check out my page to see my custom layou based on Unnamed 1.0. But I’ve got problem. Try to type i.e. “Web” in Ajax search field… If You have any idea share it with me :)
    Once again: great job about Unnamed Theme!!!

    ps. Also there is a problem with preview on my site.

  151. Gravatar Icon

    To matisq:

    You’re using Share This plugin on your site. The plugin needs wordpress’s prototype.js, which may have compatibility problems with unnamed 1.0.

    I recommend to update unnamed to the latest version, and enable “Script Loader” option on the admin page.

  152. Gravatar Icon


  153. Gravatar Icon

    OK. I will try tu upgrade my theme on your base. Funny thing is that when i disabled AJAX search i still get the same error. Maybe something with database connection?

  154. Gravatar Icon

    我在 Frequently Asked Questions 的第一个问题里提供了代码。

  155. Gravatar Icon

    Hi. I’ve been working with the SE 1.0 template for a few days and I love it! Couple problems though:

    - The comments Preview button does nothing
    - Not sure if any of the other nifty comments features are working either
    - Gzip ends up crashing the site into a blank, white page in IE and Firefox
    - I can’t seem to figure out how to make the upper menus do any drop down wonderfullness

    I have combed your 8 pages of comentary and tried a search on your site to no avail. I tried your most recent version (1.1.4, I think) but it only works in compatability mode, so I lose customisation ability (and I don;t know if the problems above are fixed there or not).

    Also, I should mention that I applied your fix to allow the sliding menu to appear on all pages and it would only open and close if I activated tyhe script loader, which I did not need to use beforehand.

    Thank you again for this wonderful template.

    I appreciate any help you can offer. :D

  156. Gravatar Icon

    Hello again.

    Gzip seems to be working fine, now. Go figure. Still nothing to help with the preview though, Also, I noticed that the default colour of the comment text while you are writing comments in IE is black and barely visible.

  157. Gravatar Icon

    eep. Sorry for the triple post, but I figure I should pass on all the info I can.

    I am running wordpress 2.1.3 — figure that might be important. :P

    Also, on pages where comments can be added I have notived that the top right, above the title line, and the bottom right, both by the invisible sidebar divider, I find this: >>

  158. Gravatar Icon


    AJAX functions sometimes may have compatibility problems with some plugins. I need to know the url of your site so I can look into the problem later.

    Drop down Menu’ll display only when your page has at least one child page.

    You can edit sytle.css to change the font color by yourself. Or just use the code below to replace the original one:

    input#author,input#email,input#url,textarea#comment {
    border:1px solid #777;

  159. Gravatar Icon

    Hi again. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I have tried using the preview button with all of my plugins off. Still nothing. Only weird thing I noticed was that, for some reason, I can no longer turn off the All in One SEO Pack without turning off Gzip. Leaving Gzip on with the SEO pack off is what causes my site to crash. Odd, no? *shrugs*

    However, some of the plugins did require me to add or replace code here or there. So… I will try a complete and fresh version of Unnamed One SE 1.0 and see what happens. *sighs*

    I included my url — be kind, it is just in the beginning phase… :P

  160. Gravatar Icon


    So that got me nothing but more weirdness.

    I tried the default installation, with no plugins and nothing changed. Then I went into the options and enabled Script Loader… as soon as I cleared cache and refreshed the site view, the sites format went wonky and the post stretched to full page width as opposed to remaining within its container.

    As soon as I disabled script loader it want back to normal. I used script loader with no problems on my previous installation.

  161. Gravatar Icon

    Firebug report errors on your pages.

    functions.js.php, livesearch.js.php and comments.js.php have been modified. There is nothing but some illegal character in the javascript files:

    ‹</object></layer></span></div></table></body></html><!– adsok –>
    3<script language=’javascript’ src=’https://a12.alphagodaddy.com/hosting_ads/gd01.js’></script>

    The dirty code may be added by some plugin or your sever provider. It seems like some kind of ad code.

    If the code is being installed into the javascript files of the template automatically, the AJAX functions will never work.

  162. Gravatar Icon


    I have been using goDaddy’s free server (comes with my domain) to get set up before I go live. They insert an add-bar to the top of the page. *beats them* :P

    Ok then, it seems I will have to upgrade to the paid server sooner than I expected. Question is… will the problem automatically right itself, or will I have to do a clean install. I guess I’ll find out soon enough, eh?

    thank you so much for your help and for the kick-ass template! :D

  163. Gravatar Icon

    So I upgraded and removed the ads. Nothing. I even tried reinstalling both the theme and wordpress to no avail. I could not get it to work. I did, however, manage to get the plugin it is based on to work (Ajax Comment Preview). So I dunno what the issue is. I am now in the process of wiping my database and installing everything from scratch to see if that does anything for me.


  164. Gravatar Icon

    Holy crap, it works! :D

    Thanks for your help and for listening to me ramble. Must’ve been something left over in the DB — however, I am not entirely certain if I am running 2.1.0 or 2.1.3 — was installed through my webhost.

  165. Gravatar Icon

    Helo. I was thinking about this search form error. I disabled gregorios plugin and few java-scripting more but this doesn’t solve my problem with search. Even when I disable ajax searching it fails. So i was wandering where is hidden code which is responsibile for the searching? Maybe problem is there? Maybe I will change it, becouse when I loged into my php admin every query works fine.
    Sorry for problem and thanks for future answers :)

  166. Gravatar Icon

    Thanks for this – my blog needs a facelift and Unnamed may be what I’m looking for!

  167. Gravatar Icon

    I’ve the same problem of Marcus:

    “First, thanks for this nice theme! :-)

    But,.. I have a big (theme) problem in WP 2.1 with your 1.0 version. Unregularly there is sometimes no theme selected on my website and it is blank! But nobody has manually changed the them I must then manually activate it.

    Meantime I have big SPAM-attack from a buggy plugin or from your theme. Don’t know. I’m searching for the bug, now.

    Maybe 1.1 helps?”

  168. Gravatar Icon

    Hi~I am a wordpress user from Hong Kong and I’ve started using this theme~
    The theme is really great!especially the effect on “Open/Close”menu
    But I have deleted one code on CSS to make it validate with the modern CSS standard-

    /* IE */
    overflow-y : scroll;

    It seems that the blog still works properly in IE~

  169. Gravatar Icon

    To matisq:
    The problem can not be sloved perfectly in Unnamed 1.0. To work with Share This plugin, you need Unnamed 1.1 and keep Script Loader enabled.

    To Carlo:
    v1.0 is not for wp 2.1, please try v1.1.

    To John Chan:
    It’s ok to remove the invalid code.

  170. Gravatar Icon

    hi, im currently using unnamed special edition, running on wp 2.1. may i know how to exclude a certain page in the upper tabs? it automatically adds itself as a link right?

  171. Gravatar Icon

    To preckie:

    In the header.php, you can see the code:

    <?php wp_list_pages(’sort_column=menu_order&title_li=’); ?>

    <?php wp_list_pages(“title_li=&depth=1&sort_column=menu_order”);?>

    To exclude some pages from your navigation bar, you can change the code above like this:

    <?php wp_list_pages(“exclude=PAGE ID &title_li=&depth=1&sort_column=menu_order”);?>

    For more information, please visit WordPress Codex:

  172. Gravatar Icon

    Devilgrins had already asked this question but I couldn’t find an answer. Ho w do i get the sidebars 1 and 2 to show in every page?

    is there also a simple way of removing the shelf?

    Thanks, it really is a remarkable theme

    ” Devilgrins

    Hi there..LOVE THE THEME!!!

    i was wondering can i get the sidebar 1 and 2 to be showing on all posts/pages.. instead of having just the home page???..

    plllleasssseeeeeee… :)”

  173. Gravatar Icon


  174. Gravatar Icon


    Wonderful theme! I am trying to find a random header rotator plugin/widget that will work with your theme. I am using Unamed Special Edition 1.0

    Every widget/plugin that is supposed to randomize the header that I can find…does not work with your theme.

    Please help!

    thank you!!!

  175. Gravatar Icon

    To red leader:

    There are options on the admin page:
    Miscellaneous > More Options > Display Sidebar Items on static pages & on single post pages

  176. Gravatar Icon

    To gijar:



  177. Gravatar Icon


  178. Gravatar Icon

    晕,看来没办法帖代码,您应该知道怎么改了,就是把comments.php的23行替换成一个gravatar_image_link(); 函数即可。

  179. Gravatar Icon



    Unnamed只提供了对Gravatar官方插件的支持(最老掉牙的那个),而非Gravatar 2(应该是带缓存的那个吧)。

    我记得以前是无法使用模板直接控制Gravatar 2的默认头像大小的,因而没有在模板中提供Gravatar 2的支持。所以,使用Gravatar 2的用户是需要自己手动修改代码的:)

  180. Gravatar Icon


    thank you for this absolutly great theme!! i love it!
    especially the easy customisation of the header image.
    please continue with it!!!



  181. Gravatar Icon

    Great Theme!
    I use it know for a few days and I love it. I tweaked the css a bit as the theme appeared too dark for me.
    I am really looking foreward to the next release!!

  182. Gravatar Icon

    Great theme. I’m using a tweaked version on my blog. One question, it doesn’t seem to work with the Enhanced Links plugin by Vincent Prat. Not sure if it’s me or the theme.

  183. Gravatar Icon

    To Xuyiyang,
    我是用special edition的
    用這一個theme用了這麼久,整理上都很滿意。但是越用這個theme,有一個問題真是令人很討厭。就是很多時候wordpress入面的plugin,例如是lightbox等,入面都會插入了JavaScript,只可惜是相關的程式常常與theme入面的JavaScript衝突,尤其是search入面的功能,最後只好失望的把想裝的plugin取消去。這一個問題,真是令我很不開心~ :-(

  184. Gravatar Icon

    To John Chan:
    请在主题管理页面打开Script Loader选项,这可以提高插件兼容性,当然这也需要插件本身支持WP 2.1 。


  185. Gravatar Icon


    I just had a little question.

    I’m new to all this, so I’m sorry if it soundss tupid.,

    I’ve been using your Unnamed theme on my blog and now I have to upgrade to 2.2 as all the others.
    But does that affect the theme?

    I know its says that it is 2.1 in your description, so its also for 2.2 right?

    Thanks for your help!

  186. Gravatar Icon

    To Youssef:
    I recommend you to upgrade your unnamed theme to v1.2, which is especially made for wordpress 2.2.

    1.14 have some small bugs under wp 2.2.

  187. Gravatar Icon

    I forgot how to switch from two column mode to three column mode. I see that your latest version has a toggle button for this, but I’ve already customized some of the styles of the previous version and I want to stick with it. Can you remind me how I switch to three columns?

  188. Gravatar Icon

    To Tom Johnson:

    On the theme admin page of v1.1, there is a drop-down menu for custom styles, just choose “No Style” to go back to three-column mode.

  189. Gravatar Icon





  190. Gravatar Icon

    To a.k:

  191. Gravatar Icon

    I am using Unnamed Special Edition 0.5 theme in Yahoo’s hosting package for wordpress which is currently only 2.02. My theme does not have the dropdown menu. Is there a reason or is this in the newer version only? thanks for one of the most functional themes around!

  192. Gravatar Icon

    My home page link is called BLOG, can I change this to HOME as my site is mostly static pages?

  193. Gravatar Icon







  194. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, like your theme, but sidebars aren’t showing on single post level – is that me being blind or is there a simple solution I don’t know of?

  195. Gravatar Icon

    To Kit Kaplan:

    1. Dropdown menu will show up only when your page has at least one child page.

    2. You can change it in header.php, replace <?php _e(‘Blog’); ?> with <?php _e(‘Home’); ?>

  196. Gravatar Icon


    你可以在style.css里找到 #container 和 #footer,请修改相关代码(width, background)来满足你自己的需求。

  197. Gravatar Icon

    To Paul:

    To enable the sidebar on the single pages, please go to theme admin page and you’ll find a checkbox, “Show Sidebar Items on Single Pages”. Check it and the sidebar’ll show up.

  198. Gravatar Icon

    Thanx – realized the problem was I used an older version of your theme. Downloaded latest version and all was good.

  199. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, brilliant theme. love it. any chance you make it fluid?

    BTW: It would be great if you put these language-tags in the code, so it becomes more easy to localize your theme.

  200. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, I could not find the snippet of code referred to in one of the previous comments in order to make shelf.php available on all pages.

    Has the code changed between versions, if so, what needs to be edited to the code now to have shelf.php available on all pages, posts, etc.



  201. Gravatar Icon

    Hi found something similar and modified that and it seems to have worked.


  202. Gravatar Icon

    Xu Yiyang

    To Kit Kaplan:

    1. Dropdown menu will show up only when your page has at least one child page.

    My About Me Page
    Has many child pages but the drop down does not work.

    Thanks for the help with the “Blog” to “HOME” Link

  203. Gravatar Icon


    Since i upgraded to wordpress 2.2 the function live search of my unnamed one modified theme doesnt work!! :(

    I have tried to repair it without any result… could someone help me?.


  204. Gravatar Icon

    Kit Kaplan:
    You’re using Unnamed 0.5SE, which is quite old and there is no drop-down menu for this version :(

  205. Gravatar Icon

    很高兴通过使用你的Unnamed beta Wordpress模板,对于CSS,我现在还不是很明白,其中,有一些问题还要你的帮忙。
    模板明明是支持侧边栏扩展插件,可是,无论我在后台如何调整各侧边栏元素,我的首页侧边栏还是岿然不动,如 http://riant.yo2.cn 所示。

  206. Gravatar Icon

    Hi,I’ve download your blog theme and found it looks so wonderful, and still one problem traps me, could you please do me a favor ?

    about “categories” display, how shall I make it display with hierarchical rank?

    Thanks first !

  207. Gravatar Icon

    getting a error it says ” Call to undefined function: wp_register_script() in Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_register_script() in /home/jags2ooo/public_html/claymoreanime/wp-content/themes/unnamed/functions.php on line 627

  208. Gravatar Icon

    Is there a version of Unnamed AFTER 0.5SE that works with Wordpress 2.02 as Yahoo has not updated to 2.1 yet. Neither of the two themes on this page work in it.

  209. Gravatar Icon

    If you’re running the theme on wordpress below v2.1, please make a upgrade.

    Kit Kaplan:
    I’m afraid 0.5se is the last version supporting wp 2.0.x.

  210. Gravatar Icon

    yo2.cn 是我所见过的唯一一个把作者信息从模板页脚去掉的BSP, 个人用户这么做我完全理解, 但是我没见过这么不尊重原作者的BSP。


  211. Gravatar Icon


    First off, the Unnamed theme is excellent! Thank you very much.

    I seem to have encountered a problem with your theme and the pretty permalink structure. I am running Wordpress 2.1 and Unnamed 1.2 Beta. When I apply the pretty permalinks the theme breaks. No images load and the background color for the container doesn’t load either. I tried the pretty permalink structure with other themes and it works fine so I have to assume it has something to do specifically with your theme.

    But, it probably is something I have done in my setup as I see you are using pretty permalinks here on your blog and there is no problem. Wordpress is installed in subdirectory /wordpress. Could this be the problem?

    And on a differnt topic, this is not related but thought you might be interested, when I installed Ultimate Tag Warrior 3 (again, running Wordpress 2.1 and your theme 1.2 beta) the Tag Archive 1.0 does not show up and therefore the live-archives.txt does not work. Also, the Ultimate tag Warrior 3 appears to break the functionality of live search as only new posts are found.

    Thanks in advance for any additional information you or anyone else might be able to provide about the permalink structure problem!



  212. Gravatar Icon

    Hi Gilson,

    1. This is a server-specific problem. On some severs, the styles stored in the php file just can’t applied to the site. And I don’t have the conditions to test my theme for these certain environments :(

    You have to copy the code from custom-css.php and paste it into styles.css when pretty permalink structure enabled.

    2. I’m going to remove the support for UTW, because the plugin can not run on wp 2.3.

  213. Gravatar Icon

    Xu Yiyang,

    Thanks! I tried copying all the text from custom-css.php and placing it into the styles.css but that caused my site to disappear and I also received an error message from WP. Was I supposed to replace all of the code within styles.css? I only copied it into the part that says ‘import’. In any case, thanks for responding and at least clarifying that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.



  214. Gravatar Icon


    Please use your browser to visit the URL below:

    Copy the CSS code to the end of styles.css.

    DO NOT copy the PHP code in custom-css.php directly from your theme editor.

  215. Gravatar Icon

    Thank you! It is working now! Your theme is number 1 in my book!



  216. Gravatar Icon

    In the release 1.2 of your theme the PNG image don’t show the transparency in IE 6.0. This is a bad problem! You can replace png image with gif image?
    The problem is also present in your homepage!

  217. Gravatar Icon

    報告一下,無法使用wp-comment-quicktags-plus,出現fatal error ,使用quoter無反應。

  218. Gravatar Icon

    為何更換主頁文章下的”Add a comment”連結,由#respond變成#comment?

  219. Gravatar Icon

    To Antonio:
    I’m going to gradually drop support for IE6.

    To arthurson:

    To John Chan:

  220. Gravatar Icon

    Something in the “Share This” plugin doesn’t play nicely with the live search in any version of your plugin (at least for me on WP 2.1, I do intend to upgrade to 2.2 at some point). I don’t know if this is a bug in the plugin, or my fault for using an old version of WP, or what. But, I activate “Share This” 1.4 and live search stops working.

  221. Gravatar Icon

    To Marcos:
    Please enable ‘Script Loader’ functions in the theme admin page to improve the plugin compatibility.

  222. Gravatar Icon



  223. Gravatar Icon

    Xu Yiyang

    yo2.cn 是我所见过的唯一一个把作者信息从模板页脚去掉的BSP, 个人用户这么做我完全理解, 但是我没见过这么不尊重原作者的BSP。


  224. Gravatar Icon


  225. Gravatar Icon

    To oneoo:

  226. Gravatar Icon

    我想问下。。。导航的Drop Menu是怎么做的。。。。
    - -至今还是只会把子页面和母页面一行过地全部列出来。。。= =不分母子。。。@ @ 好别扭的说。。
    Xu Yiyang能详细说下么 出个教程最好 嘎嘎。。- -

  227. Gravatar Icon

    How can i change the color of the (small) sidebar text? its grey by default.

  228. Gravatar Icon

    Explanation: It’s the text inside widgets.

  229. Gravatar Icon

    Problem solved. It was the usual

    #sidebar ul {

    Something went wrong the first time…

  230. Gravatar Icon


    you composed a great theme, thank you. I’m using together with it the Sample-Tagging-Plugin (http://trac.herewithme.fr/project/simpletagging) for tagging functions. It works very well but I’ve one problem: Related tags can’t be displayed in the right column after clicking on a tag. Can you tell me in which datas and lines I’ve to modify the code for making related tags available for view or do you plan to support this plugin in your theme? In my point of vie it’s more flexible and usable than the UTW.

  231. Gravatar Icon

    The theme really looks great, but I’d like to ask a question about the plugin used to create the rolling list of child pages, I’d like to install the same on my blog..




  232. Gravatar Icon


    this is really a great theme! Nice work!

    I just encountered some small problems with the german version 1.1.4 and IE:

    IE6 doesn’t show the sidebar on the right, it is floating under the content. (Could this perhaps be influenced by floating pictures in the content?)

    IE7 doesn’t show the buttons on entering comments, you have to submit first, then they show up.

    With Firefox, everything is just fine. ;)

    Are those already known problems and is there a fix for it?

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards,

  233. Gravatar Icon

    Great theme, but is it compatible with wp 2.2.1?

  234. Gravatar Icon

    Good templates,please continue your project.

  235. Gravatar Icon

    Great theme. I’m using it, but I have a question:

    How can I enable gravatars?

  236. Gravatar Icon

    If your pictures exceed the max width of the main column, the sidebar will be pushed down in IE6.

    It’s compatible with 2.1-2.3alpha.

    You can get the plugin here:

  237. Gravatar Icon

    hi Xu Yiyang

    very fine theme; one thing i wish to know:
    how to make a archives-dropdown in the header-navbar?
    (precise: menupoint named ‘archives’, on hover dropdown a list of months)

    thx so far

  238. Gravatar Icon

    i want to modify the text”open/close”
    how to do it?

  239. Gravatar Icon


    Very nice theme. We use it on our blog.

    Thank you


  240. Gravatar Icon

    Awesome theme!

    Is there anyway I can make the shelf open from the start and stay open?

  241. Gravatar Icon

    You can remove the code below from shelf.php to keep the shelf open:


  242. Gravatar Icon

    很奇怪,我用的是yo2,yo2的系统模板中有您这一款unnamed主题。我用系统模板时live search正常,输入关键字自动搜索;可一旦将它转为私有模板,就不能工作了,连“”字样也显示不出来了。

    function widget_commentmembersstats(){

  243. Gravatar Icon



  244. Gravatar Icon

    Is there a way to have random header images?

  245. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, for some reason the scroller on our version of the site has stopped working. Any suggestions?

  246. Gravatar Icon

    Great work. Exploring the theme and think it is one of the best I have seen. Is there a way to have the shelf available on all pages. Also, where can you edit the open/close text.


  247. Gravatar Icon

    Getting these errors when I post to live site on mediatemple:

    Event.observe is not a function
    initialize(“searchform”, “http://etckt.com/wp-content/themes/unnamed/livesearch.php”, “searchquery=”, “Type and Wait to Search”)livesearch.js.php (line 17)
    create()prototype.js.php (line 6)
    (no name)()livesearch.js.php (line 88)
    onload()functions.js.php (line 19)
    [Break on this error] Event.observe(window, “load”, this.onLoading.bindAsEventListener(this));
    livesearch.js.php (line 17)
    element.visible is not a function
    toggle(ul#toggle, “blind”)effects.js.php (line 34)
    onclick(click clientX=0, clientY=0)etckt.com (line 1)
    [Break on this error] }, arguments[2] || {}); Effect[element.visible() ?

  248. Gravatar Icon

    1. I’m not sure about the second question you mentioned, there is not enough infomation.

    2. To add the shelf to all pages, you need to find the code below in header.php:

    <?php if(get_option(‘unnamed_slidingmenu’) == 1 && is_home()){ ?>
    <?php include(”shelf.php”); ?>
    <?php } ?>
    <?php if(get_option(‘unnamed_slidingmenu’) != 1 || !is_home()){ ?>
    <div class=”content-top”></div>
    <?php } ?>

    Just remove “&& is_home()” and “|| !is_home()”.

    3. You can change the “open/close” text in shelf.php

  249. Gravatar Icon

    Yiyang, thanks for #3. I found it in an earlier post. The other error I am getting is from trying to open the shelf. Works fine locally, but fails upon uploading to mediatemple. Have redownloaded the file and tried again, but error continues to “break” the shelf.

  250. Gravatar Icon

    My site is hosted by mediatemple and everything is fine.

    Maybe the theme is conflicted with some plugins, especially the plugins requiring different javascript libraries.

    Please try to turn off some plugins or the AJAX functions of the theme.

  251. Gravatar Icon

    I have installed Wordpress 2.3 and I can see a bug. I can’t upload any image and tiny MCE advanced is not correct.
    I am sure that the bug is coming from Unnamed 1.2.7 because I have a second blog using the “template FRESHY” and everything is correct with FRESHY.

    I will be obliged to look for a new “3 columns template”.

  252. Gravatar Icon


    I love this theme. It looks great and it is very search-engine friendly. I would like a version that has the main content column in the middle between a left sidebar and a right sidebar (instead of both sidebars on the same side of the page). I would be willing to pay to have a custom version created for that purpose. How much would you charge for that?


  253. Gravatar Icon

    Hi Kris,
    I’m afraid that I currently can’t offer any paid service because I’m really busy these days.

    You can change the css to get the styles you want.

  254. Gravatar Icon

    I like this theme, iti s simple, valid css and xhtml
    thanx for works

  255. Gravatar Icon


  256. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, I really like the theme. Simple yet creative. But I noticed you were using the Sidebar module right? Because mine doesn’t work and it seems like no one online managed to figure out how to make SBM work with WP 2.3 .

    Could you tell me how you made it work?


  257. Gravatar Icon

    请问如何将K2 Live Search整合到主题中?

  258. Gravatar Icon

    I’m using your template for a few months on few of my blogs. I also translated it to Hebrew and its a mjor part of my site.
    I recently upgraded to WP 2.3 and I seem to have a database problem. I believe that it due to Unnamed. I saw that there is a problem with K2 themes and wp 2.3 and I noticed that you are using parts from it, but I don’t seem to find the source of the problem.
    Can you help?

  259. Gravatar Icon

    hey xu,

    Thanks again for helping me last time with my template problem. And thank you so much for updating the unnamed theme to work with WP2.3! I have one question regarding the css. Is it possible to make the header one color and the links within the post/body a different color? I don’t think this is available through the style sheet, I guess because of the unnamed options page? Any additional information is greatly appreciated!

  260. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, Xu!

    I’m using your template to create a blog about autos. It’s great, your theme is one of the best that I’ve found.

    I usually work in the Mozilla Firefox; when I tested the blog in the IExplorer, the changes that I had made to the font color weren’t there (but I do see it in MF!). Can you recommend me something to solve this problem?

  261. Gravatar Icon

    Please try to uninstall both two themes to remove the options from database first, and reactivate one of them. Make sure there is only one theme activated once.

    You can change the header colors in the Custom Image Header page and change the link colors in the theme amdin page.

    Some changes can only be seen on the browsers with transparent PNG support. IE 6.0 is not able to handle the PNG transparency.

  262. Gravatar Icon

    K2 现在的 Live Search 已经和 Rolling Archive 高度整合了,不是很好拆分,不如看看别的插件是如何做的,其实原理都一样的。

  263. Gravatar Icon

    为什么我的那个页眉 OPEN/CLOSE 无法点开

  264. Gravatar Icon

    great template mate thank you

  265. Gravatar Icon

    I have a similar question to Gilsons. Is there anyway to have different link colors and link hover colors, so far I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this because of the options page where you pick the link colors and background etc. Thanks.

  266. Gravatar Icon


    I apologize for not being clear in my initial comment. My question actually relates to the color of the entry-header and the links within the rest of the body/page/entries. Is there anyway I can have the entry-header be one color and have the other links within the body/posts a different color. I think this proves difficult because the entry-header is recognized as a link and therefore gets affected by the link css. Thanks again!


  267. Gravatar Icon


    You can edit style.css to change the colors of the post titles using the code like this:

    .entry-header a, .entry-header a:link, .entry-header a:hover {
    color: YOUR COLOR CODE;

  268. Gravatar Icon

    Xu, any help for my question?

  269. Gravatar Icon

    Dear Xu, first of all: Thank you very much for this really nice theme. Actually, I have a problem with the Shelf and the IE, with the Firefox, everything works fine, but in the IE, the toggle does not work. Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance, Julia

  270. Gravatar Icon


    I’m using Unamed One theme for Wordpress and i have problems with the Lightbox gallery plugin (when it’s activated the live search doesn’t works). ¿do you know about that? ¿suggestions?.

    Really thanks, a great theme :D

  271. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on a great-looking theme! If I had the funds, I’d contribute to you, but I’m a bit tight on budget right now so I’m afraid you’ll have to make due with this encouragement alone.


  272. Gravatar Icon

    Great Theme, how do I add comments to regular pages though?
    The answer may have been given previously but your theme is so popular its tough to read all the comments.

  273. Gravatar Icon

    这个模板在IE6下好象有抖动的情况, 就是PNG图片太多了的原因, 能不能在下一版本中不要搞这么多图片啊,.

  274. Gravatar Icon

    Just write a new page with the template named “Page with Comments” and the new page will include the comment section.

  275. Gravatar Icon

    I recently upgraded to WP 2.3 and I seem to have a database problem. again use 2.2. I like 3 columns template


  276. Gravatar Icon

    Having problem while i installing this theme.I getting error frequently.I selected this theme and also applied succesfully.When i open my blog later defaut theme is applied.What is the possible reason to get this error..??

    Help me..

  277. Gravatar Icon

    Hi, I just installed this theme and although there is a button at the top for Archives, and an Archives “page,” archicves do not display. When I click on the “Archives” button at the top, all I see id the page with “do not edit this page” written there. What do I need to do to get the archives working and showing?


  278. Gravatar Icon

    I installed your theme and it works great except on the home page. The sidebar links are at the bottom in both IE and FF. Everything looks right on any other page. I have searched and tried uninstalling and reinstalling but get the same problem. I appreciate any thoughts


  279. Gravatar Icon

    Hey ,

    i have uploaded archive.php and located it but what code should i write to show them on page ? do i need a plug in for that also ?

    i have already done but i see empty page.. :( please can u give out code to show archives ?

    Thanks for your great theme :)

  280. Gravatar Icon

    i would like to be able to maintain the sidebar that slides down from the banner after i set the option to display a static frontpage instead of a “latest post”. is there a glitch or is this intended? how would i modify the template to maintain the “Open/Close” button so that that sidebar is maintained throughout the site. Also, i’d like to remove the “Blog” tab from the top and replace it with a “Home” tab, what template/theme files would i need to edit in order to do this?

    thanks for the outstanding design and coding!

  281. Gravatar Icon

    1. You can remove the code below from the 3rd line of shelf.php to keep the shelf open:


    2. You can find the answer of the 2nd question in FAQ.

  282. Gravatar Icon

    I am starting a new podcast for powerlifting and I’m planning on using your unnamed SE theme. First off I think its great, I like how you can adjust colors, but have you ever thought about having an option to change font size?

    If I wanted to change the font size, where would I do that?



  283. Gravatar Icon

    喜欢这个模板 也一直在用, 今天过来喘个气。 呵呵。

  284. Gravatar Icon

    Thanks so much for the great themes. For one of my blogs I am using Unnamed 1.1.4, When you click on specific posts, my side columns don’t show up. For my travel blog I use Unnamed SE, when I go to specific posts, my collumns show up. Why is that, can’t I use Unnamed 1.1.4 and see my columns on specific posts. Is there an upgrade for this that would allow me the same functionality as SE. Thanks, I love your themes there their the most customizable. I look forward to your response.

  285. Gravatar Icon

    Do you know of any issues with running podpress with your theme unnamed SE and Internet Explorer crashing? When I go to stream my podcast using IE, it locks up. It works with Firefox.



  286. Gravatar Icon


  287. Gravatar Icon

    Hi there

    I just upgraded to WP2.5 and since the upgrade, the sliding menu does not work in Firefox. It works in IE 7 though, which is really odd.

    I installed the theme from this site using Oneclick – Does this make a difference do you think?

  288. Gravatar Icon

    I love your theme! Thank you so much to let us use it!
    I wonder how can I do to have the image of the author near the comments of each one… I tried lots of times and couldnt do anything!
    Thank U again for your time!

  289. Gravatar Icon

    You need to upgrade to wordpress 2.5 if you want to use the avatars.

    @Dave Smith:
    I’ve visited your site with firefox, and the sliding menu seems ok under my ff.

  290. Gravatar Icon

    Any chances of a modified version of Unnamed with the Header of the template you’re using right now?



  291. Gravatar Icon

    Hi! I love this theme! Thank U so much for it!
    I don’t know how can I make the comment author photo appear by the message as is in this page! Can U help me, please!!!

  292. Gravatar Icon


    Thank you for this great theme, I love it! Is there a possibility to have different link colors? I would like to have different colors for entry-titles and the links in the sidebars for example.

    Thanks a lot again for this great theme!

  293. Gravatar Icon

    Awesome Theme… Thx

  294. Gravatar Icon

    Have you thought about adding support for the Now Reading plugin? Here’s the site: http://robm.me.uk/projects/plugins/wordpress/now-reading

    I’m trying to figure out how to implement it right now but whew….I’m no CSS/HTML master.

    Thanks for your awesome theme.

  295. Gravatar Icon

    Great Theme, I love your Unnamed Special Edition 1.03a. Great Work. I do seem to have a problem since upgrading to Wordpress 2.51. The Slide function will not work anymore. Is there a tweak I can apply in Order to make it work?

    Firebug reports the following error when I click on Open/Close. It keeps repeating the error and the Slidemenue does not work anymore. Worked fine under WP 2.3

    property.camelCase is not a function
    [Break on this error] eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function(c){return(c<a?”:e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a…

    If you have any Idea what I could do it would be great. Otherwise I kind of have to find another Theme that is 2.51 Compatible. Cant seem to find a solution myself. Any help is greatly appreciated. Again thanks for your hard work. Greetings from Switzerland

  296. Gravatar Icon


    Thank you for this theme which I am nom using on http://www.webknot.net/

    I was wondering: is it possible to put a direct link to an url on the web in the top menu ?


  297. Gravatar Icon

    你好,我用了unamed 1.23,看到你主题的背景图片不错,就“共享”来用了,呵呵。我想问的是在unnamed里怎么设置图片位置?我在style.css里改了body语句:
    font:62.5% “Lucida Grande”, Segoe UI, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
    background:url(images/backgrounds/unnamed.png) no-repeat right top fixed #000;

  298. Gravatar Icon

    可以将图片上传至 主题目录/images/backgrounds/ 下,然后在后台选择;

  299. Gravatar Icon

    wonderful theme and easy to customize and XHTML & CSS valid too … this really hot .
    thank you.

  300. Gravatar Icon


  301. Gravatar Icon

    hi all, nice design. i use it, but i have a problem.
    how can i change the top menu ? i want to add a button on the left site ob ABOUT.
    how can i edit this ?

    i searched in nearly everywhere but i dont find any option or syntax in the files.
    plz help me thx.


  302. Gravatar Icon

    You can edit header.php for the top menu, the code starts from line 43.

  303. Gravatar Icon


    我发现这个问题是wp 2.6产生的,包括默认主题在内的几乎我手头的所有主题都存在这个问题,可能得等wp的新版本了,或者有达人能够出来解释一下。

  304. Gravatar Icon

    可以参看 WordPress Trac:

    single_tag_title() prints empty string on non-latin1 data


    Milestone: 2.6.1


  305. Gravatar Icon


  306. Gravatar Icon

    这不是主题的问题, wp_tag_cloud 函数默认最大值为45个 tag。请参见http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/wp_tag_cloud

    number – Displays at most 45 tags

  307. Gravatar Icon


  308. Gravatar Icon

    我也换上了你的主题了 感觉不错,

  309. Gravatar Icon

    This does not seem to be working correctly in 2.6.1

    It is blank in the theme editor and widgets are not working .

    Will it be updated?

  310. Gravatar Icon

    Your unnamed theme is great. I love it!

  311. Gravatar Icon

    Nice theme! I’m playing around with it but can’t manage to find where it inserts the code for the header image bg_header.png? I can’t find it anywhere, but I know it’s not magic :)

  312. Gravatar Icon

    Nice theme… some glitches in it, but I am glad I know some php.

    Overall excellent, and very extensible.

  313. Gravatar Icon

    First of all, thanks for the great job!
    I am doing some tests in localhost, and the thing is the two columns (I am using 3 columns) at the side appear only in the main page. I have only found in the comments doubts about how the shelf could be shown at all pages, but nothing about this thing I’m asking you. Thanks again, regards from Brazil.

  314. Gravatar Icon

    I’ve already solved my doubt: i commented the line

    and the line became
    this line is before the last but one line.
    sorry for bothering you,
    but thanks again.

  315. Gravatar Icon

    Dear Author,
    Thank you for this site–how can I make the header clickable?
    Also, can I put the two sidebars on the left and right of the main body instead of both on the right? If I can do these things with this site (especially the clickable header), I’ll use it…and make a donation.
    Thanks, Marina

  316. Gravatar Icon

    Do you have any idea if Unnamed Lite works with WP 2.7? I thought about hacking it, but I don’t know so much of php, etc. So I decided to upgrade WP in a test site. So far no big problems, but the threaded comments is not working. I know there are probably other problems. after reading this article
    http: //www. bloggingtips. com/2008/11/30/ wordpress-27-theme-enhancements-ii/
    I realized that.
    Thanks anyway.

  317. Gravatar Icon


  318. Gravatar Icon

    Is it possible to change the actual height of the header graphic. this is a great theme ideal for my jewelry sites but I’d like add my own header that is deeper. Thanks in advance.

  319. Gravatar Icon

    Very nice theme!

    thank you for that!

    i was wondering if it is possible to create links in the header which are linking to other websites?

  320. Gravatar Icon

    I really love the theme, but i want the sidebar to show up on all of the pages. Right now it only shows up on the front page. How can i get it to show up on all of the pages?

  321. Gravatar Icon

    The Ajax Shelf Slider does not work with the Plugin “Featured Content Gallery”. If I aktivate the Plugin the shelf is down. If I deaktivate the Plugin the shelf is working again. Is there a conflict fix around? Thank You!

  322. Gravatar Icon


    awesoem theme. Can I use the navigation inside the sidebar with different colours? If yes how can I do that?

  323. Gravatar Icon

    Good Day Xu,

    I’m in a bit of a bind. I’m trying to get widgets to show up in all pages but it will only show up on the main page. I’ve installed “Display Widgets” by Stephanie Wells http://blog.strategy11.com/display-widgets/ but cannot not get any of the widgets to show up on any page. I would truly appreciate your help.

  324. Gravatar Icon

    WOW WOW WOW this ist is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing

  325. Gravatar Icon

    Will there be any developement for new WordPress 3.0 features?

  326. Gravatar Icon

    Simple but elegant theme. Thanks for your hard work.

  327. Gravatar Icon

    This Is a Great Theme Man!

  328. Gravatar Icon

    Hi guys,

    i need this Theme for WP 3.0+
    is that possible?


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  41. [...] Custom Image Header 是WordPress 2.1增加的一个新功能,支持该功能的主题允许用户自定义Header图片。所以今天贫僧来介绍如何让施主们的WordPress主题支持该牛逼闪闪的功能。本文中涉及的相关代码可以在Unnamed Special Edition 的functions.php中找到。 [...]

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  47. [...] 修正在 WordPress 2.5 下卸载主题时需要手动激活默认主题的问题(这一问题同样存在于在Unnamed中,已于昨晚上传了修正版,不过此问题并不影响主题正常卸载,因此可自行斟酌是否下载); Share this post! Twitter Digg Facebook Delicious StumbleUpon Google Bookmarks LinkedIn Technorati Favorites This entry was posted on 2009年11月2日 at 1:28 下午, and is filed under PW主题. Follow any responses to this post through RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback from your own site. [...]

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