WordPress Theme: Spring

spring_screenshot.jpg Spring is a pleasant, two column WordPress theme which mainly uses blue and green. Run the demo.



  • XHTML and CSS valid.
  • Widget-friendly.
  • Tagging support for WordPress 2.3+.
  • Avatar support for WordPress 2.5+.


Follow these instructions to get theme up and running on your WordPress site:
  • Download the theme above first.
  • Upload the theme folder to wp-content/themes/ on your server.
  • In your WordPress administration, go to Presentation and activate the theme.


The spring theme is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


I spent hundreds of hours working on these themes and if you enjoy the themes, consider making a donation with Paypal. Funds will go to hosting and future updates. Thanks for your support.

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    nice theme.

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    Can you let me know if you are available to convert a PSD graphic layout into a Wordpress 2.7 theme? I have a new site which is very clean and similar in layout to this one. Please email me above and let me know. Thanks

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    I too would like to know if this theme is compatible with the latest version of WP 2.7.1. These clear simple themes are excellent and are particularly good for Adsense sites with a white background and natural looking blue links. Statistics show that users are more likely to click a blue link that any other colour.

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