WordPress Theme: RGB

RGB 1.0 A crisp, simple and highly customizable theme for WordPress.


Download RGB 2.0 Beta1 (Beta version, requires WordPress 2.5+) RGB UI Tabs Fix for WordPress 2.8+ (Please read this article if you're using WordPress 2.8+) Download RGB 1.1 (Stable version, requires WordPress 2.5+)


  • XHTML/CSS valid.
  • Custom Color Schemes.
  • Custom Header Images.
  • Custom Background Images.
  • jQuery UI Tabs and Thickbox for sidebar items (RGB 2.0 only).
  • Auto toggle comment section if there are more than 5 comments (RGB 1.x only).
  • Reverse Comments (Latest on top). Idea from Simple Reverse Comments plugin, thanks to Sudar.
  • Avatar support for WordPress 2.5+.
  • Tagging support for WordPress 2.3+.
  • Widget-friendly.


Follow these instructions to get theme up and running on your WordPress site:
  • Download the theme above first.
  • Upload the theme folder to wp-content/themes/ on your server.
  • In your WordPress administration, go to Presentation and activate the theme.
  • Remember to click the "Uninstall Theme" button to clean the options when you want to change the theme.


The RGB theme is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


I spent hundreds of hours working on these themes and if you enjoy the themes, consider making a donation with Paypal. Funds will go to hosting and future updates. Thanks for your support.

51 Responses to “WordPress Theme: RGB”

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    thx. very good theme.

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    I’m using the RGB 2.0 beta theme on my wordpress web site prototype. I’m also using a jQuery Lightbox plugin and the lightbox effect doesn’t work if the RGB theme is selected.

    Do you have an idea how to fix the problem?

    Thanks and regards.

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    Just go to the theme option page, disable “Thickbox” and save the option.

    By the way, thickbox is a lightbox-like widget based on jQuery, and has been integrated into wordpress. In fact, you can use thickbox for the lightbox effect without any plugin.

    You can see the examples here:

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    I really like this theme you made. I am playing around with it for a new blog I want to start. I uploaded a custom header. The thing is that it is no longer possible to click through to the home page via the header since I disabled the header text. Is there a way to make my custom header link to the homepage?

    Also, I have been searching through the code to find out how to change the navigation bar titles! In particular, the one that says ‘blog’ I would like to change to ‘home’. Where can I do this?

    Thank you. I appreciate your help :)

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    When will there be an update for 2.0?

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    I’m using version 2.0 and I have 2 little problems.

    1) After the “Continue reading” link it shows rgb. Shouldn’t be there
    2) No support for € in that link, I suspect more characters don’t work

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    Continue reading link has some issues

    1) Special charactars (like €) don’t work there
    2) It always ends with rgb’which is not supposed to happen

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    really nice theme, thanks.

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    Thank you for reporting the bug.

    I think you can fix this by replacing the code in line 47 in theloop.php with the code below:

    the_content(sprintf(__(“Continue reading ‘%s’”, ‘rgb’), the_title(”, ”, false)));

    Or just remove the word rgb from the_title().

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    @Tracy Rosen:
    You may edit style.css to make the header “clickable”:

    1. Recover the header text first.
    2. Add the code below in style.css:

    h1 a {

    #header .description {

    I hope it could work.

    And you can replace the code <?php _e(‘Blog’,'rgb’); ?> with <?php _e(‘Home’,'rgb’); ?> in header.php to change the text on the navigation bar.

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    Thanks, that worked for the ‘rgb’ part in the link which is now gone.

    Any fix for special char? http://ben.nightspirit.nl/category/world-of-warcraft/ for an example.

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    and thanks for your great work with this theme!
    I’m new in developping on wordpress
    I have troubles using jquery on the content,
    obviously the functions used for the sidebar prevent me from using jquery on other parts of the website.
    Do you know how can I fix this issue?
    I just want to add a simple fadein function on the div #entry-content
    thanks for your help

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    You can disable both Thickbox and UI-Tabs in the theme admin page if there are conflicts between different javascripts.

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    I made a test for the special characters and there seems nothing wrong.

    Maybe you can try to use the standard compatiable XHTML Special Characters. For example: &euro; for €.

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    I found your theme and loved it. I use it on a new website http://www.makeuptrainee.com

    I will donate money as soon as I can get enough traffic to get a bit of ads on it.
    I wanted to know how I can do to have a “tag tab” like the one on your own website. I do a bit of programation, but not enough to try that without damaging the theme. :’(

    Thanks for any hellp.
    Take care

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    hi me again, I think I may have found it on your blog. Sorry.



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    Hey, i’m currently using this GREAT theme on my site.
    I was wondering how I would change the code to have the sidebar scroll with the rest of the page, and not stay static?

    Thanks!! Please email my response back, best, Matt

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    I have same question at Matt. How do you make side bar scroll. When list are long it gets cut off. Also, it would be great to have the widgets right on the sidebar as opposed to the ThickBox.

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    How would I add new pages like a “photography” or “links” page to the navigation? Is this permissible? Thanks!

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    In the admin interface I have the option of using widgets on Sidebar 2. But whenever I add any headings to sidebar 2, nothing happens. How do I activate sidebar 2?

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    Hi, can you let me know when the beta version of the latest release will be considered as fine and stable. I’m a bit afraid to install it just in case there’s a problem.


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    I had a couple questions about your theme- I’m using the beta.

    1) Why isn’t the user submitted header img a link to home, and how can I set it that way myself? I’m a little new to the code side of things and I can’t quite see where to edit this.

    2) when using the tag cloud widget – the link doesn’t open the post, it just gives the title of the post – since this blog is img based, would be awesome to have the tag link go to the full post. (maybe this is on wordpress side??)

    Anyway, thanks if you can advise a newbie!

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    This theme looks exactly what I’m looking for but I notice you have not updated the page to know if it’s compatible with Wordpress 2.7.1 which I’m using for all my sites.

    I’d rather know beforehand if it’s ok (I think it probably is), as in the past I’ve had problems with my Wordpress database when I change between different themes.

    Thanks for such good free resources. They are excellent.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi, I’d too would like some information on Wordpress compatibility. Can you post confirmation that it will work with 2.7.1 WP. Thanks

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    is the theme your website is using is for free for public?

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    I tried to install the RGB and have the problem the the bar ava bar on the right site is not working. I can not get the thickbox on the site but it is enabled. Could you give me an idea? Also I need to know how or where I have to change the menu in the thickbox.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Since WordPress 2.8 the tabs in the sidebar are not functioning.
    It has something to do with jQuery.
    I did not find a solution yet.

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