WordPress Theme: Blue Memories

blue_memories_screenshot.jpg Blue Memories is the first WordPress theme created by myself, simple, two-column and widget-ready. Check out the demo.



  • XHTML/CSS valid.
  • Crisp design, very clean.
  • Widget-friendly.
  • Tagging support for WordPress 2.3+.
  • Avatar support for WordPress 2.5+.


Follow these instructions to get theme up and running on your WordPress site:
  • Download the theme above first.
  • Upload the theme folder to wp-content/themes/ on your server.
  • In your WordPress administration, go to Presentation and activate the theme.


The blue memories theme is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


I spent hundreds of hours working on these themes and if you enjoy the themes, consider making a donation with Paypal. Funds will go to hosting and future updates. Thanks for your support.

34 Responses to “WordPress Theme: Blue Memories”

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    Very good job.

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    Simple and well done,…

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    i like this theme alot, using it now at my blog …

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    “U love someone… U marry someone else. …
    The one u marry becomes ur wife or husband.
    And the one u loved becomes the password of ur mail id”

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    Well, it’s very nice ,I like it

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    this theme is excellent, the only problem i see is that the description of links in the section “latest” appears cut off.. i’m triying to fix this at the moment :-)

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    ive been using this theme for a while and like it alot!!! after updating wp to 2.1 the sub menus appeared on the navigation bar.. I have no idea as to how i can remove this.. could you help me out?

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    I like Themes with relation to the Basic-Theme of Wordpress. I will try it in our coloers,… may it looks fine. Thank you.

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    It’s very beautifully.

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    Great theme for wordpress. My current favorite. Would be even greater if the pages for logged in users had an Edit Page link at the bottom right!
    Am looking at the style.css file to see why the recent posts have the last 2 letters in a line cut off.

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    Quick fix for the recent posts. on line 131 of the style.css file i switched overflow:hidden for overflow:visible. Replacing line 131 of the style.css file with ‘overflow-x:visible’ works as well.

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    There’s another alternative, just add the line #sidebar ul {margin: 0px 15px 15px 0px;} in the style.css for blue memories and that would fix up the latest posts links from getting cut off.

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    wei… yiyang! Miss all YOUR GOOD designs. Am not bias, but i really can’t find others as nice as yours. Am considering to pay you to work one for me. :)

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    16Razvan M

    Hello, very nice theme!

    Do you know why does the horizontal scrooling appears?
    This is the only think “not right” :)

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    nice theme, how it going to 3 column? can it be modify?
    so far i use theme by eches

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    thank you for the very nice skin. it’s currently up and running at my blog. made a few changes to it hope you don’t mind =)

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    hi, I’m trying to figure out how to add buttons for the sidebar lists. Can anyone help?

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    As ‘Razvan M’ mentioned, is there anyway to remove that ‘Horizontal Scroll Bar’? As I love this theme and it is great but that is the only thing that annoys me. So if anyone has a fix I’d appreciate it, thank you.

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    I absolutely adore this theme! Blue is my favourite colour, hehe, so thanks for posting it and making it available :)

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    22Razvan M


    What are the differences between 1.5 and 1.5.1? I made a lot of changes to the original theme and want to know if it’s worth the upgrade.


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    23Razvan M

    Bug & fix:

    On comments.php, on line 128
    ~p~~small~~?php printf(__(‘Welcome back ~strong~%s~/strong~’), $comment_author) ?~~/p~

    Please close the ~small~ tag or else it will screw up the right navigation pane when a user is not logged in.

    PS: interpret ~ as opening and closing of tags, sorry for the other 2 posts, please erase them

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    @Razvan M:
    There isn’t much difference between 1.51 and 1.50. I just add the avatar support for wp 2.5 to the new version.

    Thank you very much for the bug report, I’ll fix it right away.

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    在Opera中, li标签的背景有错位!

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    Another bug&fix:

    To get rid of the horizontal scroll bar delete line 144 from style.css
    (in the .nav group: –width:100%– )

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    Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!

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    I’d like to use this theme to promote some health and beauty products but to do so I’d need to change the header graphic. Could you post on here the dimensions of it and confirm that it would be very easy to replace your standard one.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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