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  • 为默认样式表(styles.css.php,原unnamed-css.php)增加了gzip模式。你可以在WordPress后台启用gzip模式。

  • 增加了一个CSS兼容模式选项,那些样式表无法正常工作的朋友可以启用该选项。但请注意这将导致Unnamed的自定义样式、色彩和header图片失效。

  • 去掉了一些冗余代码。


This is a bug-fix version of unnamed:

  • add gzip mode to the stylesheet.

  • Cipro For Sale, add compatible css mode. when the default stylesheet can not work properly on your site, Cipro canada, mexico, india, Rx free Cipro, please enable it. When the compatible mode is activated, Cipro forum, Online buy Cipro without a prescription, the changes of custom style and custom header will no longer take effect.

  • some code cleaning.

I'm really busy with my thesis so I may not answer your questions instantly, sorry, order Cipro from United States pharmacy. Cipro use, Unnamed Project Page

Download Unnamed 1.1.4

Update 2007-04-11:

  • 修正无法自定义Header尺寸的Bug。

  • 修正侧边栏Trackback地址显示错误,感谢gijar。该bug由一处错误的本地化代码引起,我暂时没有精力修改中文语言包,各位可在gijar处获取相关修正版本。

  • Fix a bug that can cause an error when changing custom header's dimension.

  • Fix the broken trackback address on the single pages,thanks to gijar.

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