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这是Blue Memories的最初发布页,该主题现已挪至其项目页面


Blue Memories 基于 GNU GPL 协议发布。



Blue Memories is the first WordPress Buy Reglan Without Prescription, theme created by myself, simple, two-column and widget-ready.


The Blue Memories theme is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Reglan recreational. Ordering Reglan online,


Please visit Blue Memories page for the latest versions.

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13 Responses to “Buy Reglan Without Prescription”

  1. Gravatar Icon

    Great theme. Works great with other plugins.

    One question- how do I get the sidebar to remain visible when a post is clicked? When a post is clicked on, the sidebar disappears and the post is centered. Which file do I alter and what code do I input to allow sidebar to stay there (for example, so I can insert adsense and have it visible during the reading of all posts).


  2. Gravatar Icon

    To ive:
    To show the sidebar on single page, you can edit the single post template, and add <?php get_sidebar(); ?> before <?php get_footer(); ?>, then change <div id=”content” class=”widecolumn”> to <div id=”content” class=”narrowcolumn”>

  3. Gravatar Icon

    it worked perfectly!

    thanks again


  4. Gravatar Icon

    Lovely theme !!! I Love it and am going to use it !

  5. Gravatar Icon

    I love your theme, but I have one main problem. I have tried it on this website and another, and neither will show the post count in category or archive, and I also cannot get related posts plugin to work. I tried uploading v. 1.11 too, but still no change.

    Is there something I am missing to activate the count?

    Thanks and great theme design,


  6. Gravatar Icon

    To Kay:

    1. The post count do show on the sidebar when sidebar widgets plugin is disabled, but when you are using the plugin, the default settings will be replaced by widgets.

    2. Please tell me which related posts plugin you are using, so I can test the compatibility of it with the theme.

  7. Gravatar Icon

    Thank you for replying so fast. Yes, I have sidebar widgets active.

    On a different site, I have more posts and I have tried several plugins which are not working. Some give me error about not able to write to header…

    Here are the plugins I cannot get to work:
    “related posts”
    “simple counts”
    “total posts”

    I do not know if this is because of a plugin I have enabled such as “landing site”, UTW, etc. but I tried deactivating them one by one and could never get a count to appear. I tried bsuite since related posts would not work, and it gave me the same error. Is there a simple code fix for this?

    thanks again,


  8. Gravatar Icon

    Oh- also, since you mentioned widgets, I am searching for a widget to do the job. If it is easier, do you know of a widget capatible with your theme that will show post counts, and one for related posts? I am searching now…

  9. Gravatar Icon

    I did not know how to edit my above comments, so sorry for leaving a third… UTW related posts widget works, but I did not realize this leaves related posts in sidebar, and I want it to appear after each post.

    Looks like I still need a plugin or code… I have customized your colors to fit my website and really want to stay with your theme_ I like the overall look.

    Thanks for your help,


  10. Gravatar Icon

    to Kay:
    I tried the WASABI WordPress Related Entries 2.0, and it works well.

    There is no sidebar in single post pages, if you want to add the related posts on sidebar, you have to modify the single post template like this:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <div id=”content” class=”narrowcolumn”>
    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/theloop.php’); ?>
    <?php comments_template(); ?>
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    Make sure the plugin code has been added correctly to sidebar.php and keep the widgets disabled.

    If the widgets plugin is enabled, you have to insert the related posts code after the post content.

  11. Gravatar Icon

    okay widgets plugin is enabled, and related post is enabled. So far so good- thanks for your help. Hopefully it will show up after I figure out the code to insert-

    um, you said to insert the code after the post content- which part of the code do I insert, and where do I insert it?



  12. Gravatar Icon

    You can edit theloop.php and add the code below before <p class=”entry-footer”>:

    <?php if(is_single() || is_page()) { ?>
    Your Related Posts Code here…
    <?php } ?>

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